New Twitter account! 

Hurray! I’ve joined Twitter! This means it’s serious… Can I make it as a real blogger?? 

So I’m a bit slow on the uptake, but happy new year 🎉 it’s been a mental start to the year. Both girls have been ill (tonsillitis, tummy bugs, viruses etc) which has meant my sleep has pretty much been non-existent! Work has been horrific, so many things have changed since January it’s been tough to keep up. How are you meant to function on next to no sleep and work full time? Answers on a postcard please 😄

It’s half way through the weekend and I would kill for a sleep in, but the next time that’s going to happen is in 8 days when me and the hubby (not sure I can get away with that word) go away for the night. Is it wrong I’m counting down the days? 


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