Trying to stay awake at work

The 2 year old has been awake since 4.30am…why??

I tried all my usual tricks to get her to go back to sleep:

  1. Have a big cuddle
  2. Have some milk
  3. Get into bed with her
  4. Leaving her to get on with it


In the end I had to get the iPad and let her watch Mickey Mouse or Mee Mou as she calls him so I could at least try and close my eyes for half an hour before the baby wakes up.

Why do toddlers want to get up so early? Why can’t they just put themselves back to sleep?

Now this might have something to do with the fact that she is my first child and maybe, just maybe I pandered to her too much. My 10 month old, pretty much just gets left in the cot for naps and she goes to sleep. Why did I not have the confidence to do this with my first child? I suppose you just doubt yourself with the first one and when the second one comes along they simply have to get on with it.

So anyway I am trying to stay focused at work, I have about a million books to mark, lessons to plan, displays to sort out and all I want to do is put my head down.

Wish me luck!


One thought on “Trying to stay awake at work

  1. I get this too and have also done the iPad trick when so tired I can’t keep my eyes open! I remind myself that a time will come when I will be chasing them to get out of bed. Can’t imagine it though but looking forward to getting my own back. Ha ha. Good to meet you and look forward to following your blog. Yvonne xx

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