Valentine’s Day 2016

Me and my husband have been married 6 years in August and we’ve been together for nearly 10. So we had a good few years before we had children to enjoy Valentine’s Day, just us two. One year we even went to New York! 

This year was a little different as we now have 2 little ones, last year just having one that couldn’t walk and me being 8 months pregnant and very uncomfortable we didn’t really celebrate. This year I wanted to do something as a family as we both work full time and I felt it should be a day that we could all celebrate together. My husband has other ideas…the rugby was on at 2pm so we would do whatever I wanted as long as we were back for 2! Bloody rugby! 

I decided we should go to one of the local child friendly farms which we have been a few times, the last time being Big M’s 2nd birthday. Maybe I should have checked the weather forecast as it snowed and snowed and snowed this morning while we there. It was freezing, but that did mean we pretty much had the place to ourselves. Big M had a great time chasing after the cat and ducks, petting the rabbits and feeding the sheep. She loves animals, I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to put my husband off from buying her a pet (today we wanted to buy her a massive house rabbit!)

Little M enjoyed waving at the pigs and the grumpy lama. I think she enjoyed the toast in the cafe the best though, there she was able to hold court and shout at everyone who would listen.

I suppose today has taught me that my husband isn’t my only Valentine. This may change as the girls get older, but I just want to cherish this little moments for as long as possible. I want to remember Big M’s squeal of laughter as she chases a cat through a barn and Little M bouncing on me because she’s so excited to see a sheep!

For now this is what Valentine’s means to me 💕

(And yes, my husband was wearing  shorts in the snow! 🤔)



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