The very important support network

Who helps you with your children? Who babysits so you can have some very important ‘you’ time? Who makes your life easier just by being there? 

I class myself as being very lucky, my sister in law is our rock. Twice a week she comes round to help us put the children to bed – on a Tuesday when the hubby goes to football and on a Thursday when I go to Zumba! As the girls are so close in age they go to bed pretty much at the same time so it can be quite tricky to do on your own. Don’t get me wrong both my husband and I have done it on our own but his sister offers to help and she also gets to spend time time with the girls and have her tea made for her.

But what would we do if she wasn’t available? What if we lived far away from both our families? My parents live an hour away and my brother lives nearly 2 hours away so we have to rely on my husband’s family more. But when is asking for help too much? I have no doubt that everyone loves to spend time with the girls, but am I asking too much? For example as we have just spent the night away the girls have slept out at their auntie’s and as its Tuesday my husband is at football so she’s here just chilling with me and not at home. I feel a little guilty but at the same time she makes it a little easier which sometimes is all we need.



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