I wanna be…

…the same shape and size I was before I had children. I know in my heart of hearts that’s never going to happen. For starters I’m a completely different shape to what I was before and I also eat a lot of chocolate and enjoy a beer/glass of wine at home. 

So what can I do? You would think that being a dance teacher I would be quite fit and active, well I think I would be if I was teaching dance all the time but the timetable has changed so much that I now teach very little dance at the moment. (Sore point. Makes me quite cross, but that’s a different story)

I go to Zumba once a week when possible, depending on if my sister in law can come or I might have a meeting/parents evening that night. But I don’t think that this is enough. Luckily my husband randomly bought a second hand treadmill at the weekend! Bonus! I went on it for the first time tonight, ran just over 2km in 20 mins which I don’t think is a bad start. 

I’ve come to the realisation that I basically just want to be less wobbly in the places that I wasn’t wobbly before. It’s just so difficult having to squeeze everything in after the girls have gone to bed. It’s half past 8 and we still haven’t had our tea, if this was a school night I’d probably have some marking to do as well. How can I fit it all in? I think it’s time for one of those government petitions to make the days just one hour longer! 

Have to go baby number 1 has started to cry πŸ˜„

4 thoughts on “I wanna be…

  1. Hey. I used to feel the same and will do again when I have this baby I’m sure. I used to find running worked best for me, not on a treadmill but on the road. That 2k you did will be more effective on the road and time wise it cuts out traveling to classes as you start as soon as you leave the front door. Also aside from a good pair of running shoes there is no cost, always a bonus!!


    1. I don’t have the patience for running on the road, I’d get up the road and just want to come home. I feel I have more control on the treadmill (which is something I need!)
      I think when the girls are older I’ll be ready to add something else to my exercise schedule πŸ˜€


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