The Toddler Tango

Big M and I have been doing the Toddler Tango for the past few nights now (thankfully not last night which means I have the brain power to write this!), she has decided that she is going to wake up at around about 2.30am and scream as loud as she can, get out of bed, open her bedroom door and come and find me. I then have had to jump out of bed so that she doesn’t walk into Little M’s room, take her back into her own bedroom and back into bed. Now obviously this is not what Big M wants to do, she would rather we pop downstairs, stick the tele on watch a bit of Winnie the Pooh and then head back up stairs in an hour or so. Obviously that wasn’t going to happen!

I was not Big M’s favourite person! I had to do my best Super Nanny impression 🙂

It must be tough though, if I go back to my Wonder Weeks reading (which for some reason the children don’t have any more wonder weeks after they reach 76 1/2 weeks old!) it’s clear that Big M is achieving some major milestones at the moment, for starters her speech is developing at the speed of light! Her poor little brain must be so over whelmed with information that it’s waking her up. Well that’s my theory anyway (I don’t think it’s her teeth this time)

How do you cope when your toddler wants to do the Toddler Tango? I would love to know how we manage these difficult situations, what tips/words of wisdom could you pass onto mums in the same situation?

Really praying that tonight is a Tango free night…


5 thoughts on “The Toddler Tango

  1. Oh I know this feeling! It’s so much harder to know what to do when you have another little one in the house as you pray they don’t wake up too! It’s very hard, but I go in and explain its not time to get up, and if he cries I just have to let him for a bit, such a bad mummy! I hope your nights are a little easier now! 🙂 xx


    1. I’ll probably jinx it now but we’ve had 2 good nights in a row! I’m like a new woman! It’s amazing how different you feel after a fuller nights sleep (still knackered but not a complete zombie and just about stringing a sentence together which I really struggle with normally 😄)
      Ppl tell you about the broken sleep when they’re babies but no one tells you what happens when they hit toddlerdom!


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