Just for me:)

This weekend has been a change, I went to go and see one my oldest friends Mrs Bot. We have been friends for over 20 years and have seen and shared some amazing experiences – probably too many to name. The most memorable is the trip around Europe before we started life in the real world. We were so young and ready for anything, it was amazing and I wish we had done it again before we grew up.

We didn’t do anything special, a few drinks in the local pub, a nice lunch, a walk to the other local pub (there are only 2), got pooed on by a bloody bird (!) and had a few more drinks.

It was so lovely to be me; not a mummy, or a wife or a teacher…just me!

How many of us forget who we are and forget to have time for ourselves? I would recommend to have a little bit of girly time away. I missed Big and Little M so much, I was giddy with excitement to see them on the drive home and the reaction I got from them was simply priceless. It made me feel so loved!!

Here’s so more girly time away Mrs Bot! See you soon xx

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