Mummy Lessons 

As I stand in my bedroom at 12.30am waiting for Big M to settle down and go back to sleep I’ve thought of 10 Mummy Lessons I have learnt in the past 2 and a bit years. I’m curious to learn what things other Mummys have learnt since their children have been born. 

1. Be patient – your children will test you especially at night time. 

2 . You will never love anything or anyone as much as you love your children.

3. Be prepared to always be tired. Make up will become your new best friend.

4. Your hair/clothes/face will normally be covered in snot and food from lots of sloppy kisses. 

5. Hearing your child cry is the worst sound in the world. 

6. You will generally talk about poo most of the day to anyone who will listen. 

7. You will start to look at your phone at random times in the night to stop you falling asleep when your children are teething. 

8. You have to plan things with your friends months and months in advance to make sure your brother/sister hasn’t already got the grandparents booked for sleepover duty.

9. A lie in is 7.30am.

10. You generally fall asleep during the evening film.

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