My children amaze me!

Here we have my 2 year old (Big M) and 11 month old (Little M) drawing together. This is what I thought would happen as they get older.

Little M follows Big M the whole time, she wants to be with her every second of the day. I don’t think she realises that she’s not the same age as her sister. Today she stood next to her for ages, far longer than she has before. It made me realise that my baby is disappearing in front of me. Very soon I will have 2 toddlers! 

My children surprise me on a daily basis. I think I have a proud mummy moment pretty much every day. Today’s moment with Big M was her colouring in when after I’d picked them up from the child minder’s. I love how she’s trying to colour in the owls!  


People often come and speak to me when they see me with the 2 girls and ask me what’s the age difference there is between them. I didn’t realise how interested people would be in children that are so close on age. With 16 months between them it’s not the closest age gap that I know of.

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