A family day out – Thorp Perrow

It’s not often that Mr Very Busy Mummy pipes up on a Saturday and says ‘do you fancy doing something tomorrow?’ It may have had something to do with the couple of beers he had while watching the rugby which of cause we won which put him in a good mood!

So then comes the impossible of task of trying to figure out where to go. We know that we don’t want to go too far away as both girls are still quite young and it’s not really y idea of fun to be stuck in a car for hours and hours on a Sunday. Eventually we settle on Bedale, for no other reason as we both can’t remember going there and it’s only an hour away. I had a quick google search and found that there was somewhere that sounded great to take to kids: Thorp Perrow Arboretum Wildlife Park. We needed to go and check this out.

As we drive up to pebbled drive, I was a little under whelmed, it’s didn’t look massively exciting. However, as soon as we paid our £17 for 2 adults (both children were free) I was blown away by how beautiful this place was. It was so open, clean and green. I could tell that this was a little gem that we would be visiting again.

We walked around for about 5 minutes and we came across a lovely children’s play area. There was something for everyone and of cause Big M headed straight for the swings! I had to take drastic action to get off the swings otherwise we would have been there all day.


The walk to the falconry was full of daffodils, snow drops and other spring flowers (this is the extend of my flower knowledge!) There were picnic tables at various points which show you’re welcome to bring your own food.

There is a lake in the middle of the ground that are in front of the main house. There were 2 majestic swans and a couple of ducks swimming around that made Big M chuckle especially when they stuck their bums in the air!

We came to a walled garden that housed the many different birds of prey along with some meerkats , wallabies, goats and chickens. I think the children’s (and Mr Very Busy) favourite part was the Wallaby Wood. These animals were so tame, they came up to you, Big M was able to feed and stroke them, which she loved.

As we had spent so much time with the wallabies then waving at the baby meerkats we ended up being late to the Bird’s of Prey Demonstration, however I think half an hour would have been too long for our girls to sit and pay attention for that length of time. We got to see that last two birds. Big M loved it when the barn owl flew over our heads – she’s really into Winnie the Pooh so she knows about owls! The person leading the demo was extremely informative and wanted to raise awareness of the owls and why there are so few in the wild. After the demo we were free to have a walk around and see the amzing birds and even meet a baby meerkat called Dougie!

We decided not to eat at the tea room on site, not because it didn’t look lovely, but nearly all the people who were at the demo were there and we fancied a pub lunch instead. So we headed to Bedale and found a nice pub there. Turns out we had been to Bedale, we went for a friend’s 30th birthday, all I can say is that it must have a been a good ‘do’ if we can’t remember being there!

Thorp Perrow is definitely somewhere we would go again as a family in the future. Next time we would take a picnic and spend more time there especially as the weather gets warmer. Maybe in the summer when Little M is on her feet more then they can both run around in the woods.






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