Messy Play

I have always been a great believer that a child should be able to be given the freedom to be creative. This may have something to do with the fact I am a creative teacher, but I remember as a child I was encouraged to choreograph my own dances and how empowering that was, especially when I was able to teach my choreography to other children.

When Big M was about 6 months old we were introduced to ‘Messy Monkeys’. If you don’t know what this is, it’s a messy play session for children under 5. Big M loved it from the first time, it was strange seeing other children not wanting to get their hands dirty when my little girl would end up absolutely covered from head to toe!

messy matildaIt’s a shame that the days and times for this has now changed as we went once a month for a year. If you have something like this in your area you should go. The best thing about it is you don’t have to deal with the mess afterwards!

I decided today that I would do some Messy Play with the girls, the weather was a bit pants and not really the best to take them out. So Messy Play it was. I’ve not done this in a while and I’d forgotten about the preparation involved!

I needed to make sure that as much as my kitchen was covered but the coloured messy play mat that I bought from the early learning centre is pretty crap to be honest! It barely covers anything. So I had to improvise with plastic bin bags. As you can see the girls were itching to get in there!

After I’d taken their t-shirts off (there’s no point in trying to use aprons when you’re working on the floor) in preparation to paint. We were ready!

5 minutes in…

10 minutes in…

12 minutes in…

Little M doing her best Lady Gaga impression (I said this to Mr Very Busy and he didn’t the reference)

I think we lasted about another 5 minutes before Little M was getting a bit cross. Then as we were getting cleaned up she went from being a little cross to going nuts!

The thing is when you’re spending time with your children it’s not going to perfect, but try and put the effort in. It’s worth it when they look at you in amazement as if to say. This is brilliant…can we do it again?

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