Review – Barafundle CD

When I very cheekily sent out some Direct Messages to some of my Twitter followers asking if they would be willing to let me do a review of their product I was very surprised by the quick positive response, in particular Barafundle CDs. Straight away they asked for my eldest daughter’s name and my address. That was 2 days ago, it arrived today! What great service!

The case, CD and booklet are brightly coloured and Big M could clearly see that her name was on the front of the case. The nursery rhyme characters are fun to look and Big M enjoyed pointing out the ‘egg’ and ‘sheep’.

My Very Busy is really into his gadgets so we have quite a number of digital music devices but we no longer a have a CD player so had to play it on the laptop which still worked quite well.

The CD starts with some lovely introduction music, Big M was immediately interested and started to do some of her funky dance moves.

The CD takes your on a journey through Nursery Rhyme Land as you search for Little Bo Peep’s 10 lost sheep. Big M was introduced to various different Nursery Rhyme characters through spoken word and song. In our house we traditionally listen to music and dance Nursery Rhymes and then have a crazy dance about the room. This personalised CD engaged Big M in a completely different way, she was encouraged to listen and pay attention to the story that was being told. She had to count the sheep and listen to what the different characters had to say. These skills are so important for toddlers so that their attention span can be increased and therefore be ready for school.

As we all know children love repetition and so Big M and I will be listening to this lovely CD a num,ber of times so that she is able to recognise the story over and over again, just like she would with a reading book or her favourite television show.

Thank you Barafundle CDs for kindly sending Big M her personalised CD, we look forward to listening again.




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