Tough Day

As a teacher you have many difficult days. You have days when it’s windy and all the kids are wild (yes that really happens) or you’ll have a day when your own children have been ill in the night so you’ve had very little sleep or you’ll have days when you have tight deadlines for data which aren’t fun.

Today felt worse than that!

Today I had a pen thrown at me.

Now this might seem quite small and insignificant to some and maybe on a different day I might have felt quite different. But today I was really affected by it. I was shocked that a student thought it was acceptable to throw something across the class room and then even more shocked that another student found it funny.

I felt unnerved and unsettled by this behaviour.

I have worked my school for a number of year and have dealt with difficult behaviour before. I’ve stepped into fights between year 11 boys without a second thought, I’ve dealt with child protection issues and I’ve been sworn at. All of which I dealt with without a second thought. Maybe because all of this wasn’t malicious. Generally it’s the hormones in teenagers or a difficult situation at home which makes them act out.

I feel a bit strange writing this especially after the horrific events in Brussels yesterday. I just felt the need to get this off my chest. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day πŸ™πŸ»

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