Wonder Week!

Before I fell pregnant with Big M I had never heard of a Wonder Week. Didn’t have a clue! In fact it wasn’t until she was a few weeks old when one of my friends told me about it. At first I thought it wasn’t relevant to me, but I think I have referred to my Wonder Weeks app at least once a month for both my children.

I am writing this at 5.58am, I have been awake since 5am as that’s when Little M decided she would sit up and have a cry. I headed downstairs to get her some milk (sometimes my girls need to be reminded it’s still bed time) only when I came back upstairs she had got herself back to sleep again. I, however did not!

So I started to look on my Wonder Weeks app to see where we were in her development and sure enough we are smack bang in the middle of Leap 8!

If you haven’t heard of Wonder Weeks and you have a child under 2 I strongly recommend you look into it. What I like about it is the fact it makes sense of the things your child is doing. I didn’t realise that children had disturbed sleep when they were learning something major – so I know that if we are in a Leap then chances are we will have a couple of occasions when the girls won’t sleep as well as they usually do and it I know that it won’t last forever. This helps me put things into perspective and stops me from losing my mind!

Leap 8 is quite an exciting one…

But it does come with some ‘side effects’:

This is making a lot of sense for me now. Little M has been grabbing her favourite books for me to read, she is remembering actions to songs (her favourite being Dingle Dangle Scarecrow – I sang that about 20 times yesterday!), she’s giving big hugs to her teddy, pretending to have s drink out of a cup and she’s getting stroppy when things don’t go her way.

I should have realised sooner 😄

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