(Another) Farm Visit

Can you tell it’s the Easter Holidays? Here’s yet another post about an activity we’ve done! I’m trying to pack as much into these 2 weeks as possible. I want to try and spend as much quality time with my children before I have to go back to work.

Today we went to Monk Park Farm in Thirsk. It’s about 50 minutes away from our house which is pretty much the perfect amount of time that I like to have the girls in the car. It can’t be much fun for them when we drive for hours.

I was going to Monk Park to meet one of my oldest friends who lives in Halifax. She has two children of similar age as mine and we try and meet as often as we can. It’s tough not seeing the people you grew up with on a regular basis. They know so much about you and know you so well. I miss my best friend so much sometimes, especially when I see something she would love. I think it’s time teleportation was invented!

Anyway, I digress!

Monk Park Farm is a family run place with lots of animals and if you go at this time in the year there are so many baby animals to see and pet. Both Big and Little M loved the Guinea Pigs. The children can sit around the enclosed space and are handed a couple of the animals to feed. I can see me fighting a losing battle soon when the girls can ask for their own pet!

There were also some 2 week old ducklings. The girl who was in charge of them was so friendly and very informative. Although Big M did try and climb in with them! She told us about the 2 day old kids that were about and that some of the other female goats were ready to give birth which was quite exciting.

I think Big M’s favourite part of the day (apart from jumping in the millions of puddles!) was feeding the the lambs. Even though it was very busy today we managed to share a bottle with my friend’s little boy. They loved it!

It was the lunch time, what I like about this place is that there is an inside picnic space so if you’re more organised than me you can take a ‘pack up’. We got 2 children’s lunch box deals and a toastie for me. I don’t think there was a single crumb left over on any of our plates 😄

This is a great place to take the children. There is so much space for them to run around, it’s just a shame that the weather was so pants today so it was quite cold. I don’t think this will be our last visit of the year so we’ll go when it’s a bit warmer and then they can play in the massive sandpit!


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