Amelia’s Crafty Corner – Review

Today as the weather was a bit rubbish me and Big M decided that we would have a go at some crafty stuff. I had seen Amelia’s Crafty Corner on twitter so investigated futher on youtube.

I found a simple craft that was done originally for St Patrick’s Day but I thought we’d give it a go. All we needed was green paint and some card (Amelia used a canvas) and we were ready…

The idea was to create 3 hand prints to look like a shamrock…

Big M really enjoys painting and it was difficult trying to contain her to just 3 hand prints which is why we ended up with 2 pictures!

I thought Ameila  showed a lot of enthusiasm for her crafts and her instructions are clear so that anyone can follow them. I like her little cute theme tune and she shows great professionalism in front of the camera.

Me and Big M are looking forward to seeing some more of her videos to see what other ideas Amelia can show us. Keep up the good work Amelia!



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