Holiday Plans?

When you think about going on holiday with toddlers it can feel a little daunting. We are wanting to go on a holiday soon and it got me thinking about what do we need to remember and how we can make it as stress free as possible.

When Big M was 4 months old we went away to Portugal for a week. I really think it was the best decision we made about my maternity leave. I can remember being a bit stressed about getting there and sterilising bottles and making sure that we had enough nappies and keeping her in the shade and that we would have a good time….okay I stressed a lot!

When we got there though things were no where near as stressful as I thought it would be, we had a lovely time and I can’t wait to take both girls on holiday soon. Any money we’ve getting for mine and Mr Very Busy’s birthdays and Christmas presents has been going towards the holiday fund so hopefully soon we will be able to book something.

I started to think about what would be my top 5 tips for travelling with young children

Hire a Pushchair.

I felt quite overwhelmed with the idea of taking all the baby stuff and a pram. We did some research and found somewhere we could hire a pushshair and a bouncer. They even came to deliver it so it was ready when we got there.  There are so many places now that do this kind of thing, you can even hire them at Disney Land!

I found that as we didn’t have to worry about the extra luggage on the plane we instantly felt a little calmer. The push chair and bouncer made us feel a little more at home. It wasn’t very expensive plus they were clean and easy to use.

Don’t Over Pack

Now if you’re anything like me, every time you leave the house you look as though you’re about to go on an expedition so when it was time to pack for the holiday I struggled to make sure that I had enough clothes for all of us, toys, books, toiletries,  milk formula, bottles for Big M, sterilising equipment (we went with cold water sterilising stuff) and nappies for the week. I wish I had done some more research into what was available at the local supermarket. If I’d thought about it I would have asked the people I was hiring the pushchair from for some advice. The reason being that when we went to the shop they sold the same brand nappies that I had taken with us…we could have just bought them there! I should have realised that we weren’t going to Outer Mongolia and Portugal have children too so the same things would have been available. I won’t be making that mistake again.

 Remember it’s Your Holiday Too

I think sometimes we spend so much of our time putting our children first that we forget about ourselves. What I appreciated on our holiday is that Mr Very Busy would take charge of Big M for a couple of hours so I could chill out by the pool and have a little of me time and then the next day I would do the same for him.

Of course it was lovely being together as a family and when Big M was having her naps we would just be ‘us two’. But we know how important it is to have some ‘me time’, mainly to remember that you are not just a mummy (or a daddy)!

As Big M was still quite young we were able to continue with the routine we had started at home: bath-bottle-bed, but this time the bed was in the pushchair so then we were able to walk into the old town have a meal and then we got back to the villa we just transferred her back into the cot. Out of 7 nights she slept though for 5 of them so she must have been settled, she would have told us otherwise.

This might not work for everyone especially if children are older (Big M was only 4 months old) and we’ll have to see how we manage this when we go this time.

Any advice would be greatly received!


Enjoy the Holiday

Seems obvious doesn’t it?

How many of us spend so much of our time watching our children though a camera lens rather than actually living in the moment. It’s something that I have trying to be better at. We have such great technology at our finger tips and it’s amazing that we can capture every single moment of our children’s lives whenever we want, but at what cost?

IMG_2866.JPGStay in a Villa

We’ve been in discussions with my brother and his partner who have a little boy a month older that Big M about going on holiday together. It would be a bit mental to go away with 3 toddlers but I think by going away as a larger family we would be able to share the load and have some amazing memories together. We’ve been looking at different villas and came across Top Villas. They have villas all over the world which gives us a huge range to choose from.

I think by going in a villa you would have the freedom that you would have at home but you get to stay somewhere amazing. Some of the villas have themed rooms which the children will definitely love. The pools look great and you don’t have to worry about bigger kids being too rough around the little ones. What really appeal to me and my family is that we can stay in amazing place for a couple of weeks and we can split the cost between all of us.

All we have to do now keeping saving our pennies so that we can go away and have a holiday of a lifetime!

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