Review – Baker Days Letter Box Cake

When I got a tweet from Baker Days telling me that they wanted me to do a review of one of their personalised cakes I can’t deny I was pretty excited about it! Not only was this the first time that a company had contacted me rather than the other way round but I got to eat cake…what’s not to love about that?

I was sent a code and all I had to do was to choose the style of cake that I wanted, it had to be one of the 5 inch ones though. I discussed this with Mr Very Busy (who also loves cake) and we decided that we would go with a simple photo cake, mainly so we could see the quality of the photo being printed.

Little M!

The photo we chose was our favourite of Little M. It was taken just before Christmas by my very good friend Julie Barron who always manages to capture my children in such a fun and natural way. We have this photo on a canvas on the wall in the living room and we thought it would be fun to compare the two different prints 🙂

I ordered the cake on Thursday evening and it arrived on Saturday. Mr Very Busy and I (and his sister) were discussing how the cake would stay intact being delivered through the letter box. Annoyingly thought the postman knocked on the door to deliver it so we didn’t get to find out!

I was not disappointed with the presentation, the cake came in a cardboard box and then a neat little tin (which will be good for anything I manage to make in the future). I like the personalised card and the little packet of sweets was a nice touch. I couldn’t wait to have a look inside and see Little M’s face on a cake!

I was pretty impressed with the quality of the print on the cake, the colouring was good and it wasn’t really blue. Good job I would say.

So now it was the moment of truth…what would it taste like?

I think she liked it!! All I can say that this cake didn’t last very long on our house. We all had a slice and it was light and fluffy and was that little sugar hit that you need.

I think it would make anyone’s day to have a personalised cake delivered to their door. It would cheer anyone up and show them that you care. I hope someone is reading this who remembers how much I love cake and order me another one!


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