Is it only Tuesday?

I can’t believe that I have to work 3 more days before I get to have the weekend with my girls. These work weeks just seem to be getting longer and longer!!

It’s tough at work at the moment, knowing that I’m being made redundant is making it difficult to keep focus and momentum at work. I need to keep remembering that I love to teach and that this is something that I have always wanted to do. I have always felt that teaching is a vocation, but at the moment I am just going to work.

How am I going to get out of this funk?

Finding a new job is tough especially in the subject that I specialise in…Dance teaching jobs areΒ  so hard to find ‘up north’.

I have always loved to dance and I’ve always felt quite privileged to teach a subject that I really have a true passion for. How many people can say they have a real passion for and actually using the degree that they studied 3 years for?? Now I just feel a deflated as I’m hardly teaching any dance now as the curriculum has drastically changed since I went back after my maternity leave finished in October last year.

I just hope that I get to teach my subject again…



5 thoughts on “Is it only Tuesday?

    1. It is something that I’ve thought of its just with my children being so little I’m not sure I want to give up my evenings and weekends with them. I might have to look into it more tho if something doesn’t turn up soon πŸ˜„


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