Homealone Day 1

If you’re hoping to read a post about that film from the 90s I’m sorry to disappoint you..

Today Mr Very Busy flew off to Vienna for the week for work so it’s just me and the girls until Friday. Today didn’t start out as calmy as I wanted it to. Big M woke up with croup in the night last night so we had to go to the walk in clinic this morning and beg the doctor for some steroid medicine. Supposedly the policy has now changed and doctors are encouraged not to give it. We have been to the doctors 3 or 4 times with croup since the beginning of December and there hasn’t been a mention of this policy. Something I have learnt about doctors that if you want something you have to be quite strict with them otherwise you will walk away with nothing!

So then we went to do a bit of a shop and have some breakfast and off home we went so that Little M could have a nap.

Big M and I did some cutting and sticking and then some drawing. She was clearly getting a bit tired so we watched Princess and the Frog while we had our dinner.

Little M woke up so she had her dinner (It’s like doing shifts!)

Then it was time to take Big M for a quick drive so she could have a nap. You can tell she’s the first child! I was so scared to let her cry at nap time and she would only go to sleep with some kind of movement. She’s getting too big to go to sleep in stroller so we have to go a quick drive around 2pm every day so she could have an hour’s sleep. As we were heading out I popped to the loo and it wouldn’t stop running!!

When we came home it was still going so I had to pop round to the neighbours to see if he could fix it!

By this time Big M had woken up and it was time for the Gruffalo and some chocolate…this is the only way she’s going to wake with a smile on her face.

Tea time followed, while the girls were eating I dashed upstairs to get pjs, clothes and bedrooms ready for bedtime and the mad rush in the morning.

Mr Very Busy Facetimed us and the girls enjoyed making funny faces at their daddy.

Supper time for Little M followed by bath time.

Pjs on, teeth brushed, Little M in bed then Big M in Bed.

Beer in hand and tea eaten

All ready to do it all again tomorrow!!

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