Feeling Crap! 

Don’t you just hate having a cold when you have little ones? Before I had children I would just go to bed and get over being poorly (bloody hate having a cold as I find them so pointless anyway!)

But now, I’m sat waiting to pick Big M from nursery then I’ve to pick pick Little M from the child minder’s then off home, make tea, play/read books (although that’s going to be interesting as I don’t have have a voice) we often have a dance after tea too! I seriously don’t think I’ve got the energy! 

I spent most of last night sneezing and blowing my nose so didn’t get much sleep. By the way how scary is it sneezing when you’re driving??!! I keep having sneezing fits so I’m sneezing about 5 or 6 times in a row…that’s a long time with your eyes closed when you’re driving! Bloody scary! 

I must look shocking too as the lady in Cooplands just told me! Thanks for that! 

Roll on bedtime (I think I’ll be going at the same time as the girls!!) 



5 thoughts on “Feeling Crap! 

  1. Ahh, you see, as a mum you are officially not allowed to be poorly…. ever… Even if you have to take to your bed you’re still expected to run the house from there… Get better soon!

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