Review – The Book of Everyone

I was really quite intrigued when I came across The Book of Everyone. I was unsure what it was when I cheekily asked them if I could do a review…as per usual I was chancing my arm!

Janel contacted me and his emails were a lot of fun and he was really keen for me to do a review. I was sent a special code and told to have fun with it.

The website is very interactive and from the start you are drawn in with the animations. As you go through opening page you’re asked who is the book for, age, gender and who the author of book is going to be. You even get to choose the colour!

Each page is then created especially for you. It’s based on the year you are born. There are fun facts about which film was the block buster at the time and which sweets people were eating, there’s information about which Chinese New Year you were born in and there are various parts in which the author can personalise even more.

The art work in this book is really something, there is so much detail and a huge amount of fun. This is going to be a great keepsake for Big M to have to see what life was like when she was born and when she was 2. I my favourite pages ‘Matilda’s Virtue and Vice’, but to be honest I do love them all!

 I think that this would be great gift for anyone and if you’re stuck for a Father’s Day present this year…this could be it.

Thank you The Book of Everyone for letting me review this great product!


3 thoughts on “Review – The Book of Everyone

  1. I have just recieved my first book of everyone.( 20/05/16) it was purchased as a special for my mums 70th birthday end of may.have to say the website photos do not do this book justice,it is superb.the illustarations the quality of the book are second to none and the price was very reasonable.very prompt delivery and arrived exactly 3 days after innitial order.i am so very happy and cant wait to present this to my mum on her birthday.i will be ordering more for my youngest boy and grandchildren.thankyou.thankyou.thankyou.xx


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