Friday the 13th!

I thought today was going to be a hell of a Friday the 13th today as it started off with Little M handing me a dead spider at about 6.30 this morning. She either found it already dead and had a taste before she gave it to me or found it alive and killed it by having a chomp on it. Either way it freaked me out and I had one of those stereotypical girly screaming moments in front of the kids and mr very busy who told me to get a grip and pick it up (I chucked it in the floor straight away!). Needless to say this was not the best start to the day especially I have now gone 4 nights in a row when I haven’t slept more that 1 hour in a row thanks to Little M’a new teeth coming through and last night Big M had a really high temp. 

School wasn’t that bad today I only had to hand out 1 detention! I even managed to have 3 cups of tea and have quite chilled out lessons. I’m hoping that this is a sign for things to come as I continue on for the next 10 weeks or so πŸ˜–

Then when I came home I saw that Big M had gotten worse throughout the day. I managed to get in at the doctors and turns out she has tonsillitis – for the second time since December so that’s now on my radar. I’m just hoping that the meds kick in and we get to have a better night’s sleep although I’m not holding my breath as its about 9.15pm and she’s already been up twice. 😷

I’m hoping it’s not all doom and gloom today as I know a couple of the jobs I have applied for were shortlisting today so maybe I could have been lucky with those. I just need a job basically, so if you know if anything in the north east then please let me know! πŸ‘πŸ»

If you want to know more about Friday the 13th check this link out:

One thought on “Friday the 13th!

  1. Good luck job hunting! I’ve decided to do supply teaching through an agency, at least until Christmas. I’m determined not to work full time whilst the children are still young-I’ve been there. Hope you find a job you love! 😊

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