Review – The Yarn Story Factory

Do your children love to listen to stories? Then this could be the website for you…

The Yarn Story Factory is a podcast of free audio stories for children, Fairy Tales, bedtime stories and stories for road trips! I think that this a great idea and listening to the stories, the person reading them (mainly a teacher called Nina) is enthusiastic and draws the listener in.

Both my children love having stories read to them and I really like the idea of having stories for them to listen to when we are in the car particular on longer journeys. It cant be much fun for them strapped in for a couple of hours and nothing to especially as they are so little that they can’t read for themselves yet.

When I came across this website I was instantly excited about it and wanted to find out more and see if the stories would be suitable for my new little monsters. I had a listen and I think they are going to be great when we set out on a roadtrip!

Here are some stories to whet your appetite:
The Phoenix, The Majestic Firebird – Yarn Story Factory:

Farloft Chronicles – Jay’s Flying Lesson:

Giovannuzza The Fox:

To contact The Yarn Story Factory hit these links:

iTunes Podcast: Yarn Story Factory (

I would also like to say a HUGE thank you to Donnie (From the Yarn Story Factory) for helping me out with embedding the stories…he must have thought I was pretty useless!!

Giovannuzza The Fox




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