Last Friday I came home from work to find out that Big M has not been well all day. She had fallen asleep on Mum and Dad numerous times which is the biggest tell tale sign of all – this girl never ‘just goes to sleep’!

I took her to the doctors and found that for the second time since Christmas she has got tonsillitis. I knew what was going to happen…Mummy wasn’t going to get any sleep over the next few days and Big M would fight me every time I had to give her the penicillin. This was not going to be a fun weekend.

And I was right!

The only thing I could get her to eat was ice cream on Saturday and Sunday, I tried all sorts but she simply wasn’t having it. Big M was clearly very unhappy and all she wanted to do was watch Hey Duggee. If you haven’t watched any of these find some on YouTube or on the BBC iplayer as they are great. Big M loves Duggee and it’s the only thing that she asked for at the moment. I think we have seen every single episode about 100 times each and she now requests the ones she likes the most.

It was only yesterday (Monday) that she actually actively wanted to eat something that wasn’t ice cream. I nearly jumped for joy. It’s so worrying when my children don’t eat, as that is the main thing that I worry about all day. These are my main thoughts when I’ at home with the girls:

“Have they had a snack”

“How many portions of fruit and veg have they had today?”

“Do they want another snack?”

“What shall I make for dinner/tea?”

“Is it snack time?”

“Have they had too much chocolate today?”


This makes me sound a bit obsessive about food, but it is something that I worry about. I feel this sense of responsibility that I  want them to grow up strong and healthy and I know that’s going to come with the right foods. But sometimes that’s tough when you have one child who will only eat ice cream and the other one is obsessed with eating waffles!

Anyway Big M was looking much better today. I still had to pin her down as though I was water boarding her to give her the medicine, but we only have a couple more days of that to endure. There is nothing worse that having a poorly child who can’t really tell you what’s the matter with her. I wish her speech would come on a little quicker so she can articulate to me when she’s not feeling well. Big M is a little late to the speaking game, she’s doing well but she’s no where near my nephew who has speaking I think since he was born! I think my favourite sentence she says at the moment is… “more Mummy” it’s so cute and I know that she can always ask me for more no matter what it is, generally ice cream or chocolate!

Keep your fingers crossed that Little M doesn’t get it now, like last time!


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