Summer Time has landed?!

I live in the North East of England where I’m pretty sure it has it’s own climate. I love the sun and I think that when it comes out it should be celebrated. I think that this comes from my own mum and dad who used to shove me and my brother outside in all weathers to play… I have a feeling I am going to be the same kind of parent.

I think children need to have the freedom to play outside and the fresh air ‘does them good’. I think the proof was in the pudding last night when Big M slept right through and we had to wake her to get ready to go to the childminders.

So yesterday we played in the garden, I covered the girls in factor 50, hoped that they would keep their hats on and enjoyed the sunshine.

We climbed the slide, we played in the sand and water table (I totally regretted the white t-shirt decision!), we had snacks, we played hide and seek and we tried to catch/eat bubbles!


I can’t wait for another sunshine day!





4 thoughts on “Summer Time has landed?!

  1. Aww gorgeous photo’s! We really do have a mixture of weather up here in the North East- and i’m totally one of those parents who encourages my little one to play outside in any weather. Looks like you’s had a lovely day x


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