Review – The Honest Mum’s Club

I was really excited to be sent the ‘The Honest Mum’s Club’ by Hannah Oakland as this was the first time I had been sent something to review for me!


Hannah Oakland is a mum of two who suffers from Post Natal Depression and has a blog ( which has been tracking her journey since having her second child.

The Honest Mum’s Club follows Hannah and her family throughout a whole year, starting June and finishing in May. This is an interesting concept as I think that we are all so focused on time passing.

Hannah is clearly having a tough time with her PND as she struggles to keep her day to day family life on the straight and narrow. This is a well written book, however being a mum myself it can be quite hard to read as some of the comments are quite gard hitting. I don’t suffer from PND but this is a real insight into someone who suffers with it on a daily basis. Reading this book made me thankful that I am lucky enough not to suffer from PND, but made me want to congratulate Hannah on her bravery to be so brutally honest about how she feels about being a mum.

There were number of sections that I really enjoyed reading especially comparing living with a toddler with living as a student…just change the gin to half a larger and I’m there!!

Hannah has a message to all mums and I think she’s right, we don’t congratulate ourselves on the amazing stuff we do every day – “We have the words that calm nightmares. The arms that rock babies to sleep. The kisses that mend broken hearts. Mothers are amazing”

I couldn’t agree more. Being a mummy is a tough job and it tests you to the limits on a daily basis, but I wouldn’t change it for the world and I think Hannah is a true testament to motherhood and how she copes with her own struggles alongside looking after two little people is truly remarkable. Thank you for giving me an insight into PND, I feel I know so much more about this condition.

Even Little M wanted to have a read of it!

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