2 days ago Little M took her very first unaided steps, she’s 14 months old…is this normal?


I ask this because Big M didn’t take her 1st unaided steps until she was 20 months old. She was quite happy to walk about and hold your had but as soon as you let go or she wanted to go somewhere by herself she would simply drop to her knees and walk on them. When I spoke to the health visitor they suggested going to the physio which made me feel instantly as though something was wrong.

We ended up going to the physio, who then referred us to the hospital. When we eventually had a appointment at the hospital I was told that Big M is very flexible and basically she was so bendy that she needed to build her muscles up in order to support her. Whenever I tell that story I always imagine Big M as Mr Soft! Ha ha!!

When Big M took her very first steps I was so relieved that she would be able to do the same things that all the other children her age could do. I didn’t what her to feel left out whenever we did anything with our friends who have children.

When Little M took her first steps both me and Mr Very Busy could actually celebrate properly without the feeling of relief.

I went back to work in October 2015 on a phased return and I had organised a brand new child minder for both the children and they were going to go for 3 days a week for 4 weeks until I went back to work full time after the October half term. After the 2nd week I received an email from my new child minder telling me that she would no longer be able to look after Big M as she doesn’t play well with other children and as she can’t walk as well as the other children she has to give her ‘special’ care.

Needless to say I was furious!

Didn’t this woman know that 2 year olds don’t play with other children and more often than not they parallel play?

Who was she to comment on my child’s lateness to a milestone? How dare she say that she needed special care?

I whipped both them out of this woman’s care and found someone else (luckily) in time for when I went back to work full time.

This incident made me think about how  some people judge if a child has not hit the ‘normal’ milestones. I think motherhood has taught me more than anything else that children do their own thing in their own time. Big M didn’t need to walk unaided for ages as she always had me and her daddy helping wherever she wanted to go, Little M on the other hand just wanted to do what Big M does!

IMG_9692With both my children I am going to take each day as it comes as they are individuals and as a teacher and a mother I know that every child will learn things at their own pace and no one can rush them. You can encourage but it has to be when they are ready.

This is hopefully the approach I’m going to take when I have to tackle the dreaded potty training!


10 thoughts on “Milestones?

  1. It is true they develop in their own time. I have one that tended to lag behind and one that tended to charge ahead. Their personalities are sort of like that too.

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  2. They all develop in their own time-my son develops in leaps but my daughter seems to just make steady progress all of the time. Potty training is a barrel of laughs. Despite everyone’s attempts to make my son train, what really worked was him announcing that his winky did wees and sitting himself on the potty. Short of a few accidents that was him done! Don’t worry. 😁

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  3. All children are different and hit their milestones when they are good and ready and not a moment before!! My eldest was walking before she was 1 but hardly said a word until she was 2 and was a nightmare to potty train. My youngest walked a little later at 14 months but her speech is amazing and has been for months. I imagine when my third comes along she will be different again! All unique in their own beautiful little ways 😍😄

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  4. I personally hate it when people talk about milestones! My view is that we are all walking and talking (unless there are underlying issues) but we would not have walked and talked on the same day! Every child is different! Personally, I didn’t learn to ride a bike till I was in my teens… Does this mean I didn’t reach a milestone?

    As long as the children are happy and smiling… It is not a problem, whatever any outsider says!

    I’m sure you are doing a fantastic job!

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  5. Every child develops at their own pace. Why rush these things anyway? They’re not babies for long. And people need to stop comparing children to other children (even their own siblings) and just celebrate the successes of each one when they happen.
    Keep on enjoying motherhood and enjoying your children. Xx

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  6. Im so glad I stumbled across this. We currently are at the crawl not crawling milestone. Our 9 month old daughter showd potential of crawling since about 4 months old. Starting the process of pushing herself up. Ibwas told by loads of experienced mums that she would crawl soon. Being a first time mum I had no idea when she would do anything so just went with those comments from experienced parents etc. Now almost 9 months and we are still not crawling. However I know that this is still normal and ok. I have struggled with the fact that it feels like every where i look babies from 5-10 months old are all crawling and we are left behind. I know damn well that they all develop at different stages its just hard being the odd one out. I often think am I doing something wrong? Not doing enough?
    My daughter tends to get highly frustrated by the fact she cant figure it out which then results in her getting herself into a real tizz and super upset.

    Sorry to read the teacher was so rude to you regarding your daughter development!!!!

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