Play dough fun 

I don’t know about you but I find play-dough pretty pointless especially when your children are quite young so I wanted to find something that would help with Big M’s development, keep her entertained and also be free.

I did some online searching and came across a website called Sparklebox – it’s a free primary school teacher online resource site…perfect I thought, what can I find?

I found some great play-dough sheets all I needed to do was print them out and laminate them. The idea being you used the play-dough to add something to the picture, for example some candles to a birthday cake.

I used these for the first time yesterday and it kept her focused for ages. When the weather is so wet we can’t go outside it’s nice to have some simple activities to do. Little M has quite a hefty sleep during the day so I like to have just me and Big M time.

(Sorry the picture’s aren’t great it was so dark yesterday!)



4 thoughts on “Play dough fun 

  1. I used these types of things all of the time in my classroom, they’re fab aren’t they! I hate play dough at home and avoid it as much as possible. It only comes out on rainy days when we are stuck at home!

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