Playing outside 

There is nothing I love more than seeing my 2 little girls play together. Well when I say together – Big M runs around and Little M tries her hardest to keep up with her while crawling. Her record of actual steps so far is 5 so she’s not quite up to running yet!! 

Sometimes I get hung up on making sure that they are warm/dry etc but to be honest they couldn’t care less and I think that I need to chill out a little because at the end the of the day clothes will wash 😄

Finding things to do when the girls are still quite young can be a little tricky but you can never fail with bubbles. What is the fascination with bubbles? Toddlers love them! Which is great as they are cheap! 

So here’s to more fun hours outside no matter what the weather is 🌧🌨🌞🌬🌦🌩🌪

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