Off on an adventure

I love to do new things in my area and I especially love to share those experiences with my children.

Today our local castle opened it’s grounds for it’s annual open gardens. Little M was having her morning nap, which is usually 2 hours in length so I left Mr Very Busy in charge and me and Big M set off for an adventure.


Well what a treat when we go there, the grounds were so lush and green. Big M loved running around and seeing all the wildlife there, especially the ducks – she likes to point out the mummy ducks.

We only stayed an hour wandering round but it was great. We were even treated to a quick glimpse of a deer (so quick that I didn’t get chance to take a photo).

I think you should always take advantage of what’s on in your local area as you don’t know what you’ll stumble across. It’s always a good idea to have a look and see what’s on – try something new. Have an adventure with your children, have new experiences together!

When we got home Mr Very Busy was so jealous of our photos that he suggested that we head across there again tomorrow. I think it also helped that the weather was absolutely gorgeous!

So watch this space for more adventures at the castle…

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