Review – Bookawoo

My little girls love books and they are always pulling loads off the shelf to bring over for me and Mr Very Busy to read to them. Books a magical things and I think it’s a real shame that not all children are given the chance to read a book. Which is why I think something like Bookawoo is a great idea.

For those of you that don’t know Bookawoo is a monthly subscription service that sends your child a magical monthly box with a selection of books to help broaden and develop their imagination. Each month has a different theme and is designed to encourage a love of reading.

We ordered Big M’s Bookawoo box last month not really knowing what to expect. The boxes are shipped out on the 5th of every month and generally they should reach you in about 2-3 days.

When Big M received her box she could clearly see that her name was on it which she found very exciting. We opened the box to find that the books were wrapped up like a present and a note explaining that this month’s theme was Space.

Big M (and Little M) couldn’t wait to see what was inside the parcel


Here are the books Big M received in her Bookawoo box:


I found this to be a great selection for both the girls and it was nice to see Big M picking out the books that she would like to read (she particularly likes ‘My Dad’!)

I think that this is a lovely idea if you’re stuck for a present or you want to instill a real ove of reading for your children as they can build their enthusiasm by wondering what books will be in their next box.

Thank you Bookawoo for sending us a box the girls are going to have great fun with it


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