How often do we use technology on a weekly basis? A daily basis? An hourly basis?

If you’re anything like me or my husband technology plays a bit part in our life. Don’t get me wrong we don’t upgrade every time there is a new iPhone/iPad but we work with what we have. For example we an app on our phones that can we use to turn our lamps on and off. It’s so simple and means that when we are away we don’t have to faff about with timers.

We both have laptops (both on them now!)

We both have an iPad.

We both have an iPod.

We both have an iPhone.

homer.jpgSo it seemed pretty obvious to us that we would use technology to help us look after our children. When we had Big M, I found it difficult to leave her to drift off at nap time as she got older. I discovered on YouTube the hairdryer white noise video and it would knock her out no problem. It would calm her down if she had gotten over tired and I would use when I felt I needed to. When she reached about 15 months we wouldn’t be able to take her out of her car seat when she was asleep because she would wake up as soon as she was put into her cot. I wanted to ensure that she was safe in the car so I found an app called ‘Cloud Baby Monitor’ which works over the WiFi and links up to all our devices. We have a private drive and there’s only 2 houses on our road so I feel perfectly safe in leaving her in the car (and yes I leave the windows wide open when it’s warm)

A few months before Little M was born we discovered Tommee Tippee’s Perfect Prep Machine. Having done bottles the tradional way for about a year and a half it this machine sounded amazing. We thought it was actually more amazing than it actually was. Both myself and Mr Very Busy thought that the machine would put the formula in as well as have the water at the right temperature…sadly we were mistaken. Having the bottles made so quickly really helped those 2am night feeds! We have only just sold it on as both girls no longer have powered milk.

What else do we use???

cbbcOh yes the iPad…What would we do without the iPad? Big M loves to watch TV, she thinks that the cartoon characters are her friends and talk only to her. I may have mentioned before that she’s obsessed with Hey Duggee, well the CBeebies App is great because you can download so many different programmes (including Hey Duggee) for a few days. You can even create different accounts so that both the children could have their favs on there.

I ‘had’ to use the iPad the other day. Big M woke at 2.30am. I tried everything to encourage her to go back to sleep but it was working and after I had squeezed my body into her cot bed for nearly 2 hours I decided enough was enough and I went to find the iPad. Big M was then able to watch Ice Age (the only film we have downloaded on there) so I could at least go back to my own bed and hopefully get some sleep. It worked, we she didn’t go to sleep but she calmed down and watched the whole film while I nodded off.

I’m sure most of the people reading will have at some point given their smartphone to their child so they could either play a game or watch something while you’re out and about. I try to have this tatic in my back pocket for as long as possible. I always take books and some colouring stuff when I take the children out for something to eat and if their getting impatient that’s generally when my phone will come out.

I don’t know about you but there is something I find rude about having a phone or a tablet at a table. I’ve been out and see families eating and the children will have their headphones in while they watch something so that the adults can talk. Surely we should be teaching our children how to behave and not depend on a screen all the time – otherwise how will they be able to talk to people around a dinner table when they grow up. I don’t know, maybe I’m just a little old fashioned which is why I always feel guilty when I give Big M my phone to play with in public…maybe I feel as though I’m failing her a little.

Technology is changing all the time. I wonder what technologies will be invented to help parenting in the future?

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