Review -Child’s Play Books

I think I may have mentioned before about how much my children love to read. They both go through phases of wanting the same books read over and over again so I was relived when I received 2 new books from Child’s Play.

The first time that I heard of Child’s Play was when I was given my Bookstart pack from my health visitor when Big M must have been about 1. Within this pack were various books with one of them being a Child’s Play Book. Then when Little M turned 1 we were given another Bookstart pack which, you guessed it was a Child’s Play Book. This particular book is ‘The Dingle Dangle Scarecrow’. I must have read/sang this book at least 100 times since we got it. Little M loves it, she likes to put her hand on her head and lift her feet up at the tight places as well as looking at the illustrations.

I was asked by the lovely Amy from Child’s Play which books I would like. I wasn’t sure as there is such a large collection. I asked her what she recommended, she asked me more about Big M and Little M, what did they like to do and what were their favourite animals. From this information she was able to suggest some interesting choices for me.  The 2 new books we received to review were ‘Zebra’s Sneeze’ and ‘Peekabook in the Jungle’ 

Both children were taken with both books, they looked different to the other books and they wanted me to read them straight away. Big M likes ‘Zebra’s Sneeze because she can put her fingers in the puppet section of the book which makes her become part of the story. She also enjoys helping me read ‘Peekaboo in the Jungle’ to Little M by making all the animal noises for her. I think ‘Peekaboo in the Jungle is the fav though as I’ve read that so many times!

The personal service I received from Child’s Play was refreshing, it was nice to know the person I was talking to knew what they were talking about when it came to children’s books. The books are great and have captured my children’s imagination again and again. Thank you for letting me and my family review these books 🙂

Sorry for not adding any photos of the girls reading the books but they haven’t been very well, especially Big M who has been suffering from croup. Watch this space though – I’ll hopefully tweet some very soon. 

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