Review – Calypso Sun Screen

Being sun safe has been at the fore front of my parenting mind since Big M was about 6 months old. It had started getting warmer and I smoothered her in the highest factor I could find.

IMG_0210Everyone must know by now the dangers of not wearing some sort of sun protection. It’s well known that everyone should wear sunscreen all the time not just when it’s really hot. It’s so important to protect your skin from UV rays, it’s so important to protect children’s skin from UV rays.

IMG_0213I was sent some sunscreen from Calypso Sun – it was a once a day 40SPF suitable for children and water resistant. I was keen to see how well this worked and if it was really just a ‘once a day’ sunscreen.


Myself and the 2 girls put the sunscreen on around 1pm and played in the garden until tea time (about 4.30pm). I just want to make something clear, both my children have been in the garden a lot with sunscreen on and our skin tone is a little fair but all of us go a little golden brown in the sun.

I am pleased to say that even on the hottest day of the year non of us burnt in the sun and our skin was protected. I must add that we were in and out of the shade in the time we were outside as I didn’t want the children to over heat. I made sure that we all had sun hats on, lots of water to drink and an ice cream to keep cool. I would recommend this sunscreen and me along with the children have continued to use it. I think that this product would be ideal for children of school age especially with the rule surrounding applying sunscreen in schools – as a parent you would know that your child would be protected all day.



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