No sleep!

This is going to be a short post as the title suggests I haven’t been getting any sleep. In fact I haven’t had a decent night’s sleep in 2 weeks. Please note that I didn’t say full night’s sleep as I have no idea when I had one of those last!

Big M had croup, then a chest infection and at the latest visit to the doctors today I was told she had a virus. It’s been never ending. 

For some reason during these 2 weeks she has decided to come and get me when she’s awake. She’s never done this before. So for example at 2.30am today as decided that she was awake and I should know about. She pulled me out of bed and I had to go into her cot bed. Now I’m not a very tall person, I stand 5’4 on a good day but even I struggle to get anyway near comfortable!! Big M is up and and down, wanting to play as I try and keep as still as I can to try and encourage her to same. 

I then tried to leave her, she followed me or ran around her room crying hysterically. I tried my hardest to do my best super nanny inpression by being stern and clear and sometimes not even talking but nothing seemed to work.

I manage til about 4.30am and I offer to get the iPad out. I simply couldn’t manage any more.

Today I have been functioning on about 3 hours sleep that has been about the average for the last 2 weeks. Even when she was a new born we had chunks of sleep! 

As well this because she’s tired Big M is being naughty. She’s doing things she’s never done before. Being horrible to her sister, running away when you want her to give you something and drawing on everything. Yes she’s 2 and these are behaviours of a 2 year old but it’s not something we’ve had to deal with.

Mr Very Busy has bought a gate for her door and we are hoping that she will come to the realisation that she can no longer go for a walk to get mummy whenever she feels like it. So far tonight in the space of half an hour she has got up about 4 times, opened the door, turned the light on and refused to get into bed! 

All I know is I’m going to be in bed by 8.30pm in the hopes I can get some shut eye in before the early morning antics start…

3 thoughts on “No sleep!

  1. I could have 100% written this myself, however it’s not my toddler it’s my 9 month old. I feel for you, there’s nothing worse than lack of sleep.

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    1. It’s like a form of torture! It was slightly better last night as we put a gate on her door which stopped her from coming to get me! She ended up sleeping on the floor tho…
      Is your 9 month old teething? 😄


      1. Tell me about it. I have a gate on my toddlers door so she can’t escape. Also got her a groclock and told her she’s not allowed to yell until the sun’s up. She used to just stand at the gate going ‘mummy mummy’ at the top of her lungs from about 5:30am. I think 9mo is teething. She’s much earlier than her sister was.


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