Playing with pasta

You can tell that there has been so much wet weather over the past few days as so many people’s posts have been inside activities…I’m no different.

Today we played in the kitchen with pans and pasta. Both girls loved the sound it made and especially liked stirring the pasta.

I love how the girls develop their own play, I love how they take something and make it into their own. Suddenly our pans and bowls became hats and we all had to have a go.

These moments really make me think how precious they are. I’m thankful that I decided to write this blog so that when the girls are older they can see what we got up to with narration. I have tons of photos but I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to remember everything we did. My mum has a photographic memory and can tell you things from years ago as if it was yesterday…I don’t have that gift so I’ll have to rely on this!

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