Review – Plan Our Date

Mr Very Busy and I have been married for nearly 6 years and together for 10 years. We’ve had some wonderful times together, been on some great holidays, great days out and enjoyed time out with our friends all over the country. We bought a house 4 years ago and then we had our first child in November 2013 followed quickly by Little M who arrived 16 months later. So as you can probably imagine money and time have been a little tight and we haven’t gone out as often (in fact can probably count on one hand since we had the girls). We don’t have much time being husband and wife and on an evening we often just shove the TV on, look at our phones and pay very little attention to each other.

Does this sound familiar?

This is why I was so excited to find out about Plan Our Date – this is a monthly date box subscription service. Someone else plans your date for you and gives you the opportunity to spend some quality time with yout other half.

Josh from Plan Our Date kept me up to date with the progress of my box and let me know when I would be expecting to receive it. I could tell that this is something that Josh is very passionate about this date night subscription box and wanted to make sure everything went well for me.

The box contained an instruction manual and all the things we needed for our date at home. I had already been sent the link for the Spotify playlist for us to listen to throughout the evening. So I downloaded the app and we were ready to go. I love music and I was intrigued to see what type of music had been selected for us.

We started off playing the game to see how much we knew each other. I won!! So I got to win a back massage which I will definitely be cashing in soon!

IMG_0355Next up was making pancakes. Now for some reason Mr Very Busy decided that this was going to be his task. I pretty much do all the cooking in our house, so goodness knows why we wanted to step in now. I think he wanted to show off a little:-)

The instructions for the pancakes were very straight forward and all the ingredients had been weighed and measured for us. The only things we had to add were an egg and some butter.  Mr Very Busy even had a go at tossing the pancake. Please note that my husband doesn’t do things by halves which is why the pancakes are bloody massive!

After we had eaten our delicious (massive) pancakes it was onto the creative aspect of the date…we had to paint our favourite activity which had been one of the questions from the game at the beginning.

I must admit I was a little bit daunted by this activity. Art work really isn’t one of my talent. I can’t draw for toffee! I feel so sorry for my daughter when she asks me to draw her favourite TV characters…looks nothing like it. Anyway both of us got into the spirit of it. We sat with the music (and the baby monitor) to get cracking on our work of art.


Mr Very Busy had said his favourite activity as spending time with the me and the children and I’d said snuggling. We’d been given pencils, A5 canvas, paint brushes and acyclic paints.  We both found it relaxing, we enjoyed just having a chat and talking about what we drawing and why. It was nice to complement each other on what we were doing and having a new shared experience. There’s an Instagram competition so we’ll be entering in that to see if we can win the 6 month subscription linked to the paintings.

Mr Very Busy’s painting is much better than mine, I basically drew a shape! But the heart is to represent the arms and my husband is a big Sheffield Wednesay fan so that’s why its wrapped in a blue and white scarf.

The instruction manual then tells us to have a cuppa (there are 2 tea bags in the box) but as we are old we can’t have caffeine after 8pm we decided to have it in the morning.

Both me and Mr Very Busy enjoyed our date night, we both agreed it made such a nice change to put ourselves first and enjoy some quality time together.

I’ve been given an exclusive by Josh and the Plan Our Date team! The first 15 people to sign up to the subscription will get the first box completely FREE! All you’ll have to pay is P&P. Follow this link, put in the code FREEBOX and it’s all yours.

Once the 15 free boxes have gone you can use these codes to get some great deals:
FIONA50 for 50% off their first box
FIRSTMONTH for their first month free when signing up to a three month subscription
Thank you to Plan Our Date for letting us review this product 🙂
P.S Mr VB said that the popcorn was the best he’d ever tasted!!

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