Sunshine and ice creams

As I write this my children are having their first ice cream of the day, I say this because it’s highly possible they’ll have another one at tea time! It’s hot…what can I say?! 

I wrote the other day about my dread for rainy days well today is defo not a rainy day. We’ve been in the garden all afternoon so far. We’ve even got the paddling pool out and some nice chilled out music on. If I close my eyes I could pretend I’m at a really cool festival 🙂

This morning Little M stayed home with Mr VB and me and Big M went to a pre school cookery class. It’s the 2nd time we’ve been and it was great. I loved seeing Big M showing her independence and listening to instructions in a different format. The teacher is lovely, he left his job to have more time with his family and he so great with the kids. Seeing Big M be so good at this its made me want to do more things in the kitchen with her and Little M. Time to look for some recipes I think. If anyone has any child friendly recipes they would like to share I’d love to try them. In fact if anyone would like to do a shared blog post about this I’d be very interested. 

Anyway Big M has now finished her ice cream and wants me to draw on the chalk board. No rest for the wicked as my mum would say! 

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