Review – Kidloland App

When I was contacted by Kidloland to review their app I jumped at the chance. I’ve spoken about this before in a previous blog post about the use of the iPad and iPhone for the children. I’m of the belief that the iPad can be used for children but within reason – I don’t them to be on it all time.
I was intrigued by this app because of the amount of content that is available. We’ve now had the app for about 6 weeks and we have barely scratched the surface when it comes to downloading songs and games etc.
Both Big and Little M have had a go with the app, but I think it’s Big M that has really fallen in love with. Generally she’ll ask for a particular game at least once a day. I get asked for “Bike” or “Bear” or “Rocket”.
What I love about this app is that Big M can play most of it on her own. At first she needed a little help with moving some of the shapes around but she’s getting much better now. Each game has a variety of different activities to do, these could be a dot-to-dot or a match the pairs or simple jigsaw puzzle. Big M enjoys the variety of the activities and is so focused on what she’s doing.
I would recommend this app as there is so much involved in it and I think it has helped with Big M’s coordination and focus on a task which is something that I was a little concerned about.
Follow the links below to download the app for yourself 🙂

4 thoughts on “Review – Kidloland App

  1. Thanks for sharing this app busy mummy, guess the content will be very interesting for kids.
    Btw I want to recommend a app named ‘AppLock’ to you. this app used to lock the apps, phone settings, also can be used to hide photo/videos. If you are afraid of your phone being messed by kids this app is perfect for you. 🙂
    Hope you can have a try and review it, thank you.
    Link you may need:

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