New month New start

Well it’s here the 1st of September…that can only mean one thing in our house: I am officially jobless. My contract finished yesterday so that’s it.

I’m not sure if I class myself as a stay at home mum as its not my choice. Not that I don’t want to be with my children. Big M is sat next to me at the moment and it’s wonderful to spend so much time with them both. However, I need a job. I keep looking and so far nothing has appeared. I started looking at work from home jobs yesterday while the girls were out with the grandparents and I was surprised at what was available. I’ve been a approached my a couple of people to sell different types of beauty products and yes it sounds appealing but I don’t like all the hard sell stuff and pushing to get people to join your ‘team’ to make more money but I don’t think it’s for me. 

I was looking into website testing and Internet searching…I didn’t even know  was a thing. Ideally I need something to do for a couple of hours when the kids are in bed or at the child minder’s for a couple of days a week. So if anyone has any suggestions or links to websites that they’ve had good experiences with I’d greatly appreciate it. 

For now I’m going to concentrate on enjoying spending time with my children and just keep plugging away at finding a job and fingers crossed something will come up. 

Cheers and here’s to a new start 🎉


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