Review- Finding Dory (RoboFish)

When I was contacted by Mavan Publicity asking if my children would like to review RoboFish I was excited to see what it was and what it did.

When the package arrived the children were interested to see what this little fish did. At bathtime we had a play with it and saw it zip around the bath like a real live fish! Both girls enjoyed playing in the bath with Dory and Big M talked about it all the next day 🙂


This is the information from Mavan Publicity about the RoboFish:

“The Disney•Pixar Finding Dory characters come to life as kids can now play with them as RoboFish and recreate all the best scenes from the movie! When kids submerge the swimming fish underwater they begin to move just like a real fish would! Collect Dory, Nemo and Marlin and have a blast with these adventurous underwater friends. All characters feature a “power save” mode and will automatically switch off after one minute to save battery power.”

See the RoboFish in action:


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