A shopping adventure 

So today I had decided that both girls needed to have their feet measured, especially Big M who’s has a bit of a growth spurt over the past few week. I also decided that everyone will be walking! 

Yes I know Little M is only 17 months but she’s a competent walker and I just wanted to see how both girls and me coped without the buggy and buggy board.

Off we went to the local shopping centre with the potty (for Big M) and the pink butterfly wings reigns (for Little M). We had just stepped out the door and the littlest one tripped up and grazed both her knees which she’d never done before…not the best start to a trip out.

On the way Little M fell asleep, I couldn’t bloody believe it! What was I going to do now?? I had packed the buggy but I really didn’t want to use it today. Luckily she woke up just as I tried to get her out the car so the plan was back on 🙂

We set off towards Clarkes. It wasn’t going too bad both girls were walking and not trying to run off. Big M likes to hold hands but as soon as we go into shops she likes to explore on her own which can be a worry. Both girls had their feet measured Little M is the same size but Big M has gone up too 7! She is getting to be so big now. We got her some new wellies that was one job done.

Then it was onto find a loo for Big M…that’s always fun!! 

I decided to have a look in mothercare, mainly because there’s normally some toys in there to entertain them. There wasn’t much there so we didn’t stay long. It wasn’t until we went to lunch did I realise both of them had ‘borrowed’ a little toy!! Oh great my children are criminals!

We then heading to sports direct, Me VB wanted some things picking up for his trip to Norway and I wanted a new back pack as the old changing bag has given up the ghost. While we were there Big M managed to find the most awkward purchase ever!! A bloody hula hoop!

Just what we needed!

So not the most relaxing of shopping trips but we did get all the jobs done and there was only a minor melt down so maybe I can chalk it up as a success?


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