Lets meet the Gruffalo…

In one of our local towns there is this beautiful forest that every now and again has an even on. Today was a ‘Forest Festival’. Me and the girls decided to take a look (I bribed them with the fact they could see the Gruffalo!)

There was a shuttle bus, from the town to the Forest and I decided that this was the easiest way to get there rather than trying to fight for a parking space. Plus Little M has never been on a bus before so I thought we could tick that off her list of things she really should have done by now!!

I was a bit nervous how Big M would be today especially as she’d been up since 5am, plus she can be a bit unpredictable when there are crowds. She was amazing! She held my hand the whole time and listened to all my instructions which was a relief!

So picture the scene…

I have a 2 year old in one hand and a 1 year old on my back in the rucksack (FYI one of the best purchases we have made since having Little M – although she is getting a little heavy now) and a potty in a carrier bag in the other. We were ready to find the Gruffalo…

We walked though the forest , looking at the different craft stalls and events that were taking place.

And then we spotted him…

He was hiding behind one of the stalls.

‘His eyes are orange, his tongue is black, he has purple prickles all over his back.

Oh help! Oh no!

It’s the Gruffalo’

(I was able to quote this without looking it up! I know this stuff better than I know my A-Level English Lit stuff!)

Big M was a bit dubious at first but she went up to him to say hello. Little M on the other hand was far too happy in the rucksack and she really didn’t want to get out so the photo we got is…


Don’t we look great??! Ha Ha!

We also got to meet some minion who Big M loves at the moment. I think she was just so overwhelmed that she got to meet them she didn’t know what do with herself (kind of how I would feel if I randomly bumped into Robbie Williams – erm…did I just compare him to a minion? Sorry!)

We then had a bit more of a wander, looking and buying some lovely crafts all made locally and from local produce.

By then it was lunch time, good job I had a pack up as the girls were ready for their sandwiches and a lot of the food there today were burgers and hot dogs.


We looked around the food court, mainly as Big M had stolen most of my lunch so I had a make a small purchase for when we got home.

I could tell that both girls were getting very tired and it was time to head home, so back on the bus we went.


You can see how tired Big M is here but Little M is really enjoying the bus ride. Maybe we should do it again soon 🙂

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