Review – Busy Box

Big M loves to get her hands messy and especially enjoys being a little crafty so when we had a Busy Box delivered she was very excited.

There were number of different options for us to choose from but I decided to go for a pirate box (one of Big M’s favourite songs in dance class is the pirate song) also I was intrigued to see what would appear in this pirate box.

The box arrived with a cardboard cutlass, a mask, some stencils, a pirate pencil, pirate rubber, felt tips, some coloured card and a make your own hand puppet kit. I was really impressed with the decoration on the box and Big M enjoyed exploring the different stickers and her name before the box was even opened! This added such a personal touch and added that extra magic ☠


I had to wait to until Little M was having her nap and today just happened to have rubbish weather so it was the perfect time to do some pirate crafts.

Big M was very interested in the stencils, I’m not sure she’s used them before – certainly not with me anyway. She liked the way she was able to colour in the gaps.

We then went onto decorate the cutlass. (FYI we finished the crafts nearly an hour ago and she’s still not let go of the cutlass!!) Big M is into the colour brown at the moment and pretty much everything is coloured in brown at the moment so the cutlass was no exception 😄

After the cutlass was complete it was time to work on the mask. Big M enjoys choosing colours for me to use so please excuse my colouring in!! It was nice to work together to create the mask and it was lovely to spend some quality one on one time with my eldest daughter. 💕

The last item to create was the hand puppet but as Big isn’t 3 yet I decided she’s a little too young to do this so we’ll wait until she’s a bit older to have a go at that.

Big M then enjoyed dressing up as a pirate which involved singing the pirate song as she danced about with her mask and cutlass! I even had to get in on the action and do my best pirate impression!

This Busy Box was great for us to do together, and when you have a look on the website you’ll see a wide range of boxes and activities to choose from for a very reasonable price. I also liked the wedding activities for children. My brother is getting married so I sent them the link to his fiancé and she was very impressed too.

Thank you Busy Box for sending us this box, it was great fun.

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