Tea time trials!

For me the most frustrating thing about being a parent is tea time. On some days both girls will devour everything on their plate, no questions asked. The on other days they point blank refuse to eat what is put in front of them.

Today was one of those days!

I had made some beef mince in tomato sauce and a jacket potato. Both things they have had before with me and the child minder.

Little M took one look at it and shouted ‘NO’ and me and gave me the plate back!

Big M looked at in disgust and refused to touch it!

Now I am a very patient person and it takes a lot of for me to get annoyed. Today I got annoyed. I couldn’t help myself. I know in the rational side of my brain that they were both tired especially Big M as she hadn’t had a sleep today and been up since 6am so not wonder she was shattered! But they both seemed to know how to push my buttons this afternoon. I don’t know how it happened, I never get cross with them. In fact I’ve had to wait a couple of hours for me to calm down in order to write this.

Basically I feel angry with myself for getting angry with them. They are both so young and didn’t need for me to be such a grump this evening so I’ll be making an effort to make sure they have an extra special day tomorrow. I don’t think the fact my husband has been away for a week and will be away until the end of the month so that’s been quite touch.

I think I got some bad mummy points today…

Must try harder tomorrow



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