Fun at the park

After the day we had on Thursday I really wanted to make it up to my girls and have a fun day, where there was no stress and we could be just us girls together. 4

So I decided we should head to one of the local parks to see the ducks and have a go on the swings.

The weather was a bit pants, the sky was gloomy and it had rained so much the day before so we had on our waterproofs and wellies ready to stomp around in the mud. I couldn’t believe it when we got there (it’s literally about 15 mins drive from my house) the sun was coming out – which was great but we were completely in the clothes. All the other children were in shorts and t-shirts! The other parents must have though I was nuts!

Anyway we headed off to see the ducks. Little M had brought ‘baby’ with us (at the moment she’s not leaving the house without one). She looked so cute walking about in her puddlesuit, wellies, fairy wings and her baby 🙂

We eventually got to the ducks and then we were chased by a crazy big goose!!!


The big one in the middle came straight for us. I had to grab Little M as the goose was bigger than her, it was hissing and was so aggressive, it was actually quite scary! I eventually managed to get around it and grab Big M and run off…maybe we’ll go and see some different ducks next time.

Even though we were chased by a crazy bird we had a lovely time in the park. I felt so much more relaxed than the day before. I think the girls could feel it too – they were less stressed as well.

I think I just need to remember to take a breath and remember all the lovely times we have together as a family when things get a little bit nuts.

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