Review – Willow the Pillow

Sleep is a big topic of discussion in our household, especially when Mr Very Busy is away working, he always likes to know how the girls have slept. We always feel a sense of achievement when they have had a ‘good’ night.

When I heard about Willow the Pillow I was intrigued and wanted know if Willow would really promote a positive sleep experience.

Willow the Pillow is free from chemicals or anything that can cause allergies. The packaging also good for the environment, basic packaging is used so that there is less to throw away. What I found was so lovely when I opened the envelope was the amazing smell of lavender. It was heavenly…I was jealous that Big M was going to have Willow and not me!


“Willow the Pillow is a loving and loveable character, who invites you to spend some time with him in Dreamy Plains, where he lives in perfect harmony with his weird and wonderful friends.”

Big M loves Willow the Pillow she talks to him and tucks him in bed and talks about him during the day! Big M’s sleep has been good since we’ve had Willow, I think she enjoys having him there along with her Winnie the Pooh to keep her company throughout the night. Let’s hope this continues 🙂



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