I’m sorry!

I am so sorry! It’s been weeks since I’ve written anything!

I’ve been busy – I’ve managed to get myself a job working full time in another local secondary school teaching my subject which is something I really didn’t expect to happen!

My brain has being trying to manage with working in a school again after switching it off since May and arranging childcare I really haven’t been able focus long enough to write anything.

Teaching is a strange thing, I never really thought it was something I had to work at. However, since being made redundant I seem to have lost my teaching sparkle. I knew that I needed a job but I was worried about going back into a school again and I thought that by doing supply work I could pop in and out of a school and not really be involved with anything.

And then I was offered a full time permanent position until June!


What the hell was I going to do?

The first couple of weeks were really hard, I found it difficult to want to teach anything never mind dance. But I knew I had to stick it out as we as a family need me to have a job..

We’ve had half term off so I wonder how things are going to be this week πŸ™‚


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