My big girl

Big M has turned 3 in the past couple of weeks and she’s finally able to go to nursery school. We are finally entitled to some free childcare! Woohoo!

Big M has started at one of the local catholic primary schools. This is her second week and I couldn’t be more proud of her if I tried. She’s taken the whole thing in her stride which is wonderful for any parent.

On her first day me and Mr Very Busy went with her for an hour to make sure she was okay. We might as well have just dropped her off as she was perfectly fine. She wandered around the classroom investigating all the different areas and the teacher was very impressed with her

On Tuesday she went for an hour on her own. Again no issues apart from she had a bit of an accident and had a bit of a panic when new people had to change her (which I suppose is understandable)

Then Wednesday, Thursday and Friday Big M was in for the full 3 hours in the afternoon. She was so good managing on her own…I am one proud mummy!!

The only issue we have found is going to the loo, Big M still figuring out the potty training thing. She’s had a few accidents, but she is getting better. I suppose it’s simply a matter of time when Big M is totally dry.

What I have noticed since Big M has started nursery school is that she’s starting to speak more which I’m dead pleased with. I want her to be able to communicate with us what she wants and needs. Her sentences are getting longer and she’s not just saying something when she’s been spoken. Unlike Little M who never shuts up and if you’re not listening to her she shoves her face in front of yours and repeats what she was saying over and over again you give in!

As it’s coming up to Christmas soon I’m very excited to go and see Big M in her very first nativity play as it’s a catholic school it’s going to be very traditional which I love 🙂

I’m so pleased with how Big M is getting on with school, here’s to more posts about the crazy things she gets up to there.

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